Our brain: this thing called life.

Our brain: this thing called life.

“I hate this brain! It tells me lies.”

This was what an acquaintance was telling me just this week. What he meant was that he hated the way his mind processes life. Because it doesn’t prepare him for the hard knocks of life. When he thinks he is ok, or he thinks everything will be okay, he ends up falling flat on his face. And hurting very much. And he hates it.

It’s true everyone goes through hard times in life. In Proverbs it says somewhere “the days of men are few and full of hardships.” So it’s not like life is fair to anyone. So to speak. I wonder about those without the LORD, what do they do? Where’s their hope? Who is their hope? Or life?

Jesus said He is the Light of the world. And also those that receive Him have eternal life. The abundant kind of life. The true life. The Life that gives more life. The life that reconnects you back with your Father. That is the true life.

It’s not that this life is bad. Or unfair. Or evil. Yes, all those things are true. But the point is this life is only doable in Christ. Because He is the Source of everything. The true Light.


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