What happens between…

What happens between…

There is something great, amazing, divine that happens between two people who genuinely accept and love each other. This post is not just about the kind of love between a man and a woman but about two people who have a genuine relationship with each other.

One example is the bond between a mother and her child. the connection that is there… just something that you don’t see but it is there nonetheless, because our heart is moved with that. the same thing happen between two best friends, two siblings, a father and his child. There is something supernatural that touches your soul. Even if you are not in that relationship, just observing other ppl in it brings joy to your heart.

We tend to forget we are created in the image of God. it blows me away when i think that Creator GOD, Papa God  He created my ancestor Adam, when He could have modeled me after any other thing, chose to create me in His image. and we all see this , all humans have the same physical characteristics a head, a mouth, eyes, hands, feet. Looking at a human is looking at the image of God.

It puts me in a sober mindset because everything i think or do must model that i believe the person i am looking at is showing me the image of God. i confess i have not always valued that . even now i still don’t always get that part right. so that’s why i go back and say i am sorry.

i thank God for everything He has created here, including human beings and i. may i always carry that responsibility  well.

until next time,



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