The power of honesty part 1

The power of honesty part 1

What is honesty? For me it is  being able to be yourself anywhere you go, show yourself anywhere you go. According to, there are different definitions:

1.the quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness

2. truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness

3.freedom from deceit or fraud

I  have never been one who has been honest with anything. It is not easy. But when you find out how free you are with honesty, you start reaching for it. Because once you have tasted freedom, you crave for more of it.

I am listening to “Unashamed” by Lecrae. And he said this sentence that grabbed my attention “If you can’t be honest, you can’t be healed.” And I agreed.  But the wonderful thing is that the Lord Jesus goes with you there when you have to bare it all and be vulnerable. It is just great!

Stay tuned for part.2

Judith N.

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