The power of honesty part 2

The power of honesty part 2

Someone said in one video: :”To have a real relationship you have to be honest.”

I was tested on that today when i had to go “there” with a sister. She encouraged me to be honest, with her, with myself, with the Lord. But it was scary too. I am not sure if i have been completely honest with her, but i told her what was on my heart the way i understood it. and it was regarding separation.

Being honest with others doesn’t always bring positive results. Sometimes the other person doesn’t receive your honesty, or your honesty brings an end to a relationship. i read something today in the Bible that talks about fearing God more than men. And through experiences, I have learned that it’s better to be on God’s right side than on man’s right side. Why? because God is the One in control. Man is not. God has always the final word. And He turns everything around for your good, for His glory, no matter what it looks like in the moment.

I encourage you to be honest, no matter the cost. At the same time, pray for wisdom to be honest and loving, just like Jesus. I was reading through Luke. A Pharisee had invited Jesus to eat at his home. Jesus started rebuking the Pharisees, and then the religious leaders. I am like “WOW! The Lord Jesus didn’t have any fear of men! Help me LORD!” And I am confident He heard my prayer.

Until later, in His grace,

Judith N.


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