Summer nights (days)

Summer nights (days)

Summer has arrived! Yayyy! It is hot even at night! But I am holding off on the AC!

My  favorite season is fall. I like the color changes. Especially with the leaves. Now I have one more reason to like fall: inspiration for stories. I need to start people observing. You can learn so much from people just by observing them. They  can be a heroes or villains in your head.  And be part of some awesome stories.

Another reason to like summers are the writing contests that are popping out of everywhere. Which is drawing me back to my keyboard. Time to write another story. Maybe even attend a writer’s conference. God willing. But we will see.

So I will go start these two new stories. One of them is dark, intense, at times. I will hold myself accountable and publish something here every …. I don’t know. I have tocheck on copyrights andstuff first. That should get me going somewhere.

Till later,

Judith N.

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