On saying goodbye

On saying goodbye

I recently went to a funeral. I wasn’t related to the person who was being buried, but I felt grief. 

Watching the husband show his love for the deceased wife touched my heart. I thought to myself  “What a great way to have loved.” There was something divine about it, because you don’t put someone else above you unless God helps you do it. 

I think those are ways the LORD manifests Himself. Just ways where you feel His touch, especially to unbelievers. A love like that makes you pause and think about heaven. For a brief moment you wonder, what if…

 I pray by God’s grace some were touched at that funeral.  

So this goes to F. and D.

The mourners are filing up. They are here to say with me, goodbye. But I don’t want to say goodbye today. You are laying down on your last cushion and you look prettier than the first day I met you. I’m supposed to let you go now, but I don’t want to say goodbye today. My heart is filled with too much pain, I can’t bear not looking at you ever again. I don’t want to say goodbye today. Our children gather round, they want to make sure I am following the protocol. Go, say my last goodbye, and walk away from you for the last time. But I don’t want to say goodbye today. What do I have to live for, what is my hope if I can’t ever hear you laugh again? I will not say goodbye today.  Still my heart hears this faint whisper. And I take heed because it stills the storms inside. That I will see you again. In a glorious form, with no disease, no worries, no limitations. That you, the happiest I could imagine will be laughing and smiling in the Presence of your Father. And that on that day I will meet you again, without any barriers. So I will say goodbye today. Because I am not saying goodbye, see you in the upstairs land, in heaven.

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