On what it means to be courageous

On what it means to be courageous

Courageous movie poster by the Kendrick brothers


Just as the picture indicates, I just finished watching the movie “Courageous” by the Kendrick brothers. I will not spoil it for you but I have had few thoughts.

Those tackles looked very real and painful! Ouch for the one who is being tackled.”


So… this is what it means to be a father… hum… well I thank God for the Lord Jesus because I know I am complete in Him, and in Him I have all that pertains to a godly life.


LORD, please have mercy on men! Because we women are a sure piece of work! They need help LORD! They are a piece of work at times too, but they need a LOT of help in order to handle us! LORD, they need Jesus!


This was a nice script, I liked the plot.


This is an example of movies that are strongly Christ based and inspiring. So for men, what does it mean to be a father? I really don’t know. But then I thought about this. For women what does it mean to be a mother according to the Scriptures? Sadly I realized I didn’t know either.

So for a woman as I entering the 3rd decade of her life, she still doesn’t know what it means to be a woman, a mother, a Daughter. Still stuck mentally on the year when she was 18.

I thank God every day He found me and is teaching me what it means to follow Jesus. And to be a daughter, and a mother (in the future), and a woman. The Father is so patient with all of us. I am so thankful.

Well, this is all for tonight.

Till later, may His grace surround you,


2 thoughts on “On what it means to be courageous

  1. Someone once explained to me that having courage did not mean the absence of fear, but it meant standing strong in the face of it. Which, is the truth. Fear is so powerful and it holds us back, so I’ve been learning to walk in courage in spite of the fear.

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    1. True. I am just starting to walk that myself. Knowing that because I have fear doesn’t mean I am disqualified. The Holy Spirit is my Helper to confront things and stand.


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