The Case for Christ: a movie review

The Case for Christ: a movie review

I went to see the movie “The Case for Christ” this afternoon based on the book written by Lee Strobel of the same name.

OMG! I didn’t expect what hit me to hit me. Where do I begin?



The movie uses different pieces of evidence to support the resurrection. And it hinges on the fact that Jesus was real and He actually died. There are many actual facts and evidence used in the movie. But what really touched me was the honest quest of the main actor. He really wanted to know the truth. And I think that’s what led him to it.

But this movie reminded me of a place I was as well when I had to make a decision to let go in order to seek this Jesus that called me. It was painful. And those memories came back when Lee tells his newly converted wife in a scene: “You are cheating on me with Jesus!”  I was like, I heard that too! But I was more touched by the wife’s loving response. I realized, at that time though, I couldn’t love anyone. And that explains a lot of things. But through it all, the LORD is merciful and faithful. It all happened according to His plan.

So I am not regretting choosing Jesus Christ over someone else. Because when I couldn’t love He loved me anyway. Though I had nothing to give. Now I am thankful for the work of the Holy Spirit on the inside, Who is teaching me to love others.

Finally, I want to share this video. Sums everything up.

May you continue this journey towards Him.

Judith N.

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