About my dad

About my dad

I got inspired to write a blog post about him after reading a post about her dad  from one lady that I admire greatly. You can click on the link here if you want to read it.

I grew up in a middle-class Togolese family.  Where I am from, we don’t have pets: we have house animals for specific reasons and they stay outside. For example, if you have a mice problem, you get a cat.  If you want to add a sense of security to your home, you don’t get a security system, you get a dog. Then you train him yourself. Basically, if you want something done, you figure out a way to do without manuals, classes, books and all those things.

Where I grew up children obeyed their parents. Always. To break that rule was to incur appropriate punishments. Though my dad was well educated and made sure we had a good education, he didn’t miss out on that. He made sure we knew who was the boss so to speak. Here it might be considered harsh but back home it was the norm.  And when I came here, I thanked my parents internally that I had parents who raised me and didn’t let me do anything I wanted to do. There were many things I wanted to do that didn’t  make any sense. 🙂

Still being realistic about it, I recognize many times where the punishment went too far.  And some scars were left unknown to me and to them that showed up later. But overall my parents did the best they could, the best they knew how. So I am not going to complain about them.

I am reflecting a lot on my childhood these days. And seeing a lot of them in me. Gasp! There was a time I had promised myself I would never be like any one of them. Oh… those were just illusions and lies in my mind. I came to understand the LORD chose them for me, and I for them because He knew exactly the way I would come out would be who He wanted to work on.  So even though I didn’t choose them, and they I, the LORD chose us one for another. So that when later on I would find Jesus, Jesus in me would be who the LORD has preplanned me to be from the foundation of the world. This has helped me make peace with a lot of things. And decide now to enjoy them, honor them the best I can, and speak up when I disagree with things. After all, I am an adult now.

Things I am thankful for my dad for:

  • teaching me there is a GOD, a sense of responsibility for one’s own life, do your best when you undertake something, love for music especially soft rock and classical music, a sense of sarcastic humor, the importance of an education.

My mom told me once “No matter how old you are, you will always be your parents’ child.” I will have to test that later on.

The proverbs of Solomon: A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son brings grief to his mother.  Proverbs 10:1

May the LORD grant me wisdom. In Jesus’ Name.

And Happy Thanksgiving everyone!